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how the laws of reality affect typing

this is going to be a short one, but it's a pet peeve of mine. what I refer to as the laws of reality are stuff like "it will go wrong if it's only you doing it" and "no matter how annoying something is, theres always something more annoying building up". I find this applies to typing in many ways. firstly when you miss a letter and you press backspace and you move your finger back, then move it about an inch to the left and it still types the same letter before typing a letter on the opposite side of the keyboard, like "lllllllllla". another one is when you type and it's like one hands too far to one side and every letter is offset a little, like "u" becoming "i" so you move your hand over less than a tenth of an inch, and you now are typing offset further again "u" becoming "t". I find this really annoying because i'll write the the same word like eight times before eventually getting the right keypresses. the worst experience i've had with this is when rows crunch together, like i'll type "s" instead of "d" so i'll move my finger right and get "e", worse "3". but if you either watch your hands or have someone watch you typing, the problems disappear. also, you know how there are little bumps on the f and j keys, if you're 'lucky' you will use them to place youre hands and every letter you type is off by one key. sometimes I begin thinking of just writing things down, which isn't great since my handwriting isn't that good. sometime i think this is down to my coordination skills since most of the things that i find almost impossible is doing a percise hand motion without being able to see the target. for example typing makes no sense when i touch type. when using breadboards i can't slot in wires or IC's without breaking something. i can't put the pins in the grid when playing battle ships, is all this just my clumsy-ness making my hands clumsy. i'm now having a little moment of thought. I think that my problems touch typing come from the fact i need to train my hand coordination skills.