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Hi, I'm Trystan.

This is my personal site, here I will probably put articles on my interests and my opinions. Also anything else cool I find or create.

I'm a 15 year old boy who loves viddy game and breaking things. I spend a lot of time with my mates and my fam and shoot them with Nerf guns.

Hell yeah.

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Check back later for some actual content.

march 2018

many things that have happened here in south wales this month, firstly the three days of heavy snow starting on saint davids day. me an my friends spent hours out in the snow freezing half to death and snacking alot, sledding down giant hills and getting in a snowball fight that lasted two hours and ened up with two people half buried in snow. It was fun

Also, on the eighth of this month was international womens day, hopefully every woman who celebrated rationally had a good day. i'm excited for the 19th of November for international mens day.


sorry for my long inactivity, i have been ignoring my page, anyways. in the time i have been away many things have happened.firstly and most importantly my birthday happened this month (24/12/18 or 12/24/18 for americans) SO i'm now 15 woohoo. second thing to say is boolean logic and algebra, i will link you to some of my creations on simulator.IO i'd really suggest checking it out, it's a simple logic circuit designer and simulator but it is old and has a tendency to be down or have a 502 error, so it ain't reliable. still it is good and has helped me a lot.

on to boolean algebra, it has only three function ¬,^,v; NOT,AND,OR respectively, boolean algebra allows for you to make your own functions for example A#B = ¬(A^B)^(AvB) = (A^¬B)v(¬A^B) = (¬Av¬B)v¬(¬A^¬B) = AXORB, see simple click here to go to a text document displaying the boolean algebra for a carry look ahead adder which doesn't support carry in or out, which isn't good but the exponential equations are a glory to look at.

i've also been learning how the inner workings of computers work, mainly central processors, i've learn't how to construct a logic circuit that counts as turing complete, and have began branching into different programs to build these in to remove limitations (logicly& crash : minecraft redstone mechanics are a pain : real life electronics hurts my finger tips : logisim has it's quirks) but it has helped me learn more and more

websites i suggest

my creations

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April 2019

my JavaScript project

recently my sister asked if i could make a script which could take in text and add html paragraph tags, this is a link of what i the instructions and maybe try out the example.